Contaminants are elements, molecules, or chemical compounds, whose concentrations are above the geochemical background level, but that do not impact the health of organisms.

EuropeAid Mining Waste Management Project


Technical assistance will focus on the computer-based inventory of the active, abandoned and closed miningwaste facilities and exchange of technical and scientific information for the implementation of the Directive2006/21/EC. The consultant will realise preparation of methodology for a risk-based inventory of closed andabandoned mining waste facilities, data collection about mining sites and waste facilities, site visits, study visits,a technical and scientific support for the improvement of existing laboratory facilities, training of staff about testsand methods used for prediction of acid mine drainage (AMD), classification of waste facilities, preparation of acomputer-based inventory of active, abandoned and closed mining waste facilities, preparation of rehabilitationplans for 2 mining waste facilities as samples, training for the staff and workshops with the mining sector andother related institutions


TR-Ankara: IPA — technical assistance for mining waste management 2010/S 139-212878 - Service procurement notice

TR-Ankara: technical assistance for mining waste management 2012/S 88-143381 - contract award notice

FP7 Umbrella

The European Union funded FP7 UMBRELLA (2009-2012) CORDIS Project ID: 226870 aimed at using microorganisms to develop cost-efficient and sustainable measures for soil remediation at heavy metal contaminated sites throughout Europe. Research concerned the relation between microbiology, plant uptake and (hydro)geochemistry affecting heavy metal mobility in soil and water, providing a toolbox for envirobnental protection by improved phytoremediation.


Geochemistry concerns the chemical composition, structure and processes of the Earth. Geochemists examine the distribution and movement of chemical elements in rocks and minerals, as well as in atmosphere, soil and water.


Pollutants are elements, molecules, or chemical compounds present in toxic concentrations, negatively affecting the health of organisms