Simpler mining water treatment

Together with Montana, GeoChemTec has the honour and pleasure to continue the Baccu Locci project of simpler mining water treatment with geochemical technology and minerals.

In a presentation, 'Simpler mining water treatment with geochemical technology and minerals' , we show case studies elucidating the application of passive treatment of heavy-metal contaminated mining water, from abandoned historic mines in Mediterranean countries. The water with metal concentrations up to a gram per litre of the remediated mining waste site of Baccu Locci was successfully treated down to less than a milligram per litre, by gravitational flow through compact filters with very reactive porous mineral granules, as developed by GeoChemTec. The technology of preparation of materials and the operation and maintenance of the filters is straight forward and can be managed by local contractors in remote mountainous areas without power, industrial equipment and constant supervision.

The lecture was presented at Remtech Europe 2021. Please, feel free to download the slideshow for further details