In geochemical technology, minerals, microbes, plants and brains work together to control the bio-availability of essential nutrients and pollutants in the natural environment.


SEM quartz crystal

Minerals form rocks and are an important component of soil that supports microbes, plants and other lifeforms. GeoChemTec works with various mineral reagents and mixtures, to control the concentrations of beneficial nutrients and harmful pollutants in soil and water.


SEM bacteria

Microbes, e.g. bacteria, fungi and algae connect the minerals of the lithosphere with the plants and higher lifeforms of the biosphere. GeoChemTec works with microbes because of their capacity to immobilize and detoxify metals, radionuclides and organic compounds at elevated concentrations, toxic to other organisms.


thin section of plant stem

Roots in soil form a rhizosphere in which microbes and minerals control nutrients and pollutants involved in the metabolism of plants. GeoChemTec works with plants to stabilize soil and immobilize or accumulate contaminants.


xray of brain

Scientists provide insight in the geo-biochemical processes of the earth. Engineers show how to construct and operate treatment installations. GeoChemTec works with smart brains to combine theory with practice, developing innovative geochemical technology for application in environmental management.