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What is geochemical technology?

When using geochemical processes to improve the environment, we apply geochemical technology and perform geochemical engineering.

Schuiling (1990) defines geochemical engineering and presents an example of a very early application of geochemical technology. He writes: “If we adopt the definition that geochemical engineering is ‘the use of geochemical processes to improve the environment’, then it can be said that Hannibal practiced geochemical engineering when he poured acetic acid over limestones to secure a passageway for his elephants across the Alps (LIVIUS)”.

Geochemical technology arises from combining principles of the science of geochemistry with the practice of environmental engineering. While geochemists study the chemistry of the earth and the geochemical processes that define the distribution of minerals and chemical elements in rock, water and air; geochemical engineers apply this understanding of geochemical processes in the engineering of the natural environment.

Geochemical technology typically:

  • Fits within the course of geochemical processes and goes with the geochemical cycle;
  • Uses mineral reagents to control chemical elements in configurations that stay stable on the long term;
  • Aims at solutions for environmental problems that blend better into the natural environment and;
  • Provides innovative tools for environmental management that help to better conserve, control and protect precious natural resources.

What are examples of geochemical technology? .

What is geochemical technology?

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